Sustainable bioenergy, biochar and biofertilizers

Contribute to a greener future

Biofertilizers and soil improvement

Made from waste resources and enriched with biochar,
we offer an environmentally friendly way to nourish the earth.​


Tailored for your use –
everything from horticulture to industrial applications.

Wood Chips

Wood chips from Agder Miljø are ideal for bioenergy,
industrial applications, as well as gardens and playgrounds

Bio energy wood briquettes

Our briquettes are compact &energy-rich,
providing a longer and more stable combustion than traditional firewood.

Tree & Forest clearing

professional tree and forest clearing services,
ensuring that your area is cleared in a safely and efficiently.

what we do

At Agder Miljø AS, we are committed to the sustainable use of wood waste. Through innovation, we transform this wood waste into valuable products like bio energy and biochar. Here are some of the main areas we specialize in:

Bio energy

We turn wood waste into bioenergy using cutting-edge technology, offering a renewable and environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuels. It's our way of championing a greener energy future.

Wood chips

Our wood chips are a clean, safe, and renewable energy source, perfect for bio energy furnaces. We ensure they meet the highest quality standards for optimal efficiency.


Our biochar is available for small-scale purchases in both retail and commercial settings. Known for its soil-enhancing properties, biochar can boost soil fertility and water retention.


We offer briquettes for both industrial and retail needs. These compact powerhouses are crafted with the environment and customer needs in mind.

Forest clearing

We also provide tree removal and clearing services, ensuring all waste is handled sustainably.

Products in development

  • Soil Enhancers: Improves soil texture and nutrient content.
  • Sustainable Fertilizers: Eco-friendly nourishment for plants.
  • Plant Boosters: Strengthens plants’ natural defenses.

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